The Zombie Chronicles: Escape

When an asteroid passes by our planet and leaves a trail of death in its wake, a quarter of the population have become the living dead.

Twenty five years later the zombies are under the control of the government. Citizens are chosen to participate in Project Mirror, a cloning project in which their “mirrors” are used as food for the undead. When one man discovers that something in his blood is being used to create an army of super-zombies, he decides to help his mirror escape. In doing so he uncovers a secret so guarded that the powers that be will stop at nothing to eliminate him and all those that he loves.

The story does hold together and grips the listener. It seems like a first attempt at writing a substantial novel and the author increases his complexity with the production effort of a podcast. I enjoyed James Melzer’s “Escape” and appreciated the clever twist on this genre of horror and suspense, I listened to this story while doing some work at home. I like how author and narrator told the story which has few issues in it, but is was covered by great story telling . Overall I enjoyed the book .

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