Kindred Spirit ! Quick Read

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Kindred Spirits” was originally written for World Book Day in the United Kingdom. Here’s a description:

When Elena decided to camp out for the next Star Wars movie, she was expecting a celebration, a communion — a line full of people who love Star Wars so much, they have to share it. 

She wasn’t expecting this: a freezing sidewalk, nowhere to pee, and three nights stuck with a boy who decided not to like her before they even met.

It’s enough to make a girl leave the line…

But Elena came here for Star Wars, and it will take more than bad weather and a dumb boy to squash her spirits.

So who doesn’t love Star war

That was quick read and very adorable. It was a mere 62 pages long, I feel like Elena’s character development was great! The writing was easy and very pleasant to read.

Star Wars fan or not, this is such a adorable book to read! It’s a short story that everyone can realete to. Rainbow Rowell sure knows how to bring her words to life. overall I enjoyed kindred spirtits.

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